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General Guidelines on Customs Regulations for Household Goods & Cars in the Kingdom of Jordan

There are no forms for the custom clearance of Household goods and Personal Effects, It is computerized. What is needed is a letter of authorization from the client addressed to the custom’s Director at the entry point. This letter designates us as the appointed clearing agent to handle the shipment. The client signature on this letter must be notarized from the local Bank in Jordan where the client has opened his bank account.
Used Household goods Customs Regulations

Returning Jordanian:
Must be a Jordanian citizen with a valid passport ( the passport must show the national I.D. number.) The passport shows a residence permit abroad (for at least 12 months), and he will have to present documents to support his return in to Jordan for residing such as:
1) Original passport that shows the residency abroad & the entry stamp in to Jordan.
2) Family marriage booklet.
3) House lease contract certified by the residing area municipality or if he own a house; a house certificate of ownership, or he may present Kids Schools registration certificates or a cancellation of a Visa permit.
4) Client must be present at the time of clearance at Amman customs terminal.

Regional offices Directors, if the name of the importer is on the registration certificate of the office at the Ministry of Trade and Industry (as the Authorized person), then the goods will get exempted from custom duties & Taxes. Usually exemption is granted for used household goods only.
Expats working for private sector are not exempted; they will have to pay duties and taxes on all their belongings used and new.
Expats working for Kings Academy, International Academy, USAID Projects & Some other Government foreign funded projects are exempted from Duties and taxes except some minor taxes…

Diplomats working in Jordan are exempted from Duties and taxes in full. Diplomat must arrive Jordan at least 3-4 weeks prior to his shipment arrival as to apply for a Diplomatic ID and residency, this process takes around 2 weeks, and then he will need a week to 10 days to get the duty exemption for his personal belongings from the MOFA.. Once the exemption is granted; clearance and delivery can be arranged in 3-4 working days.


    - Passenger Vehicles operating on diesel are NOT ALLOWED.
    - Vehicles Older than 5 years are not allowed for Permanent entries.
    - Tented windows are not allowed for Permanent entry.

* Used Vehicles for Returning Jordanians or Foreigners with valid license plates (Temporary Entry):
Vehicle clearance is based on obtaining temporary entry permit for the car so that client can drive it using its origin country license plates and registration for 3 months renewable for another 3 months & ends with 2 Months. Vehicle must be licensed at Origin country & carrying metal plates, Also the registration with the department of motor vehicles must be valid for 8 months at least. After the 8 months; vehicle must be forwarded to Zarqa free zone to pay duties and get the Permanente Jordanian plates, or he can re-export the vehicle out of Jordan or sell it duty free.

** Permanent clearance for Jordanian Plates (Permanent entry):
Vehicles older than 5 years models are not allowed for importation on permanent entry basis in to Jordan. Used vehicles into Jordan must be transported to the Zarqa Free Zone in order to be tested by the Bureau to determine its eligibility to enter the country as per specifications of the Jordanian Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Vehicles must pass the test, after which an approval from the Interpol will be obtained, Duties will be paid based on the assessed value of the car by the customs dept. and then registration of the vehicle at the free zone can be arranged and car can be released.

*** Diplomatic Entry Plates:
Vehicles of Diplomatic missions in the country are exempted from paying custom duties and taxes and the exemption must be applied for through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also the MOFA will grant exemption of the registration fees with the department of Motor vehicle.

**** Regional Offices & Temporary Entry:
vehicles are imported under Temporary Entry custom formality whereby the custom duties and taxes applicable needs to be guaranteed by the Regional office by posting a bank guarantee with the Directorate of Customs Department in the amount of the exact custom duties and taxes. Once the vehicles are re-exported out of the country an application must be made by the regional office accompanied with the finalized re-export custom form to the Directorate to cancel & return the bank guarantee in order to close the official files under which the vehicles were entered into the country.

Customs Duties and taxes for Household goods and personal effects as follows:
1. Customs Duty 30% of the C&F value
2. Sales Tax 16% of the C&F value and duty value (VAT)
3. Import tax 2.50% of the C&F value
4. Income Tax 2% of the C&F value.
5. Extra Tax 1% of the C&F value.
*Duties and taxes for used Personal belongings is calculated based on the assessed value by customs inspectors, also the weights declared on the shipping B/L is accounted for; an equation of US$1.50 per kg is considered.
**Customs duties on vehicles depend on the vehicle brand, make and model, engine size, accessories & options.

Weapons & Ammunition
Drugs & Narcotics
Alcoholic beverages except 2 liters per person
Wireless Equipments (CBs, Walkie Talkies). Approval from the Telecommunications regulatory commission is required.
All video tapes, Cassettes, CD’s & printed materials to be inspected by the department of Media censorship
  - Air freight shipments: Queen Alia International Airport – Amman airport (AMM)
  - Sea freight shipments: Aqaba Port (AQJ)
Inventory packing list.
Passport copy
Tax ID No. from the local Jordanian Income Tax Dept.
Vehicle registration and title for car clearance.
Authorization letter from the client to collect Dos & perform import clearance on his behalf.

Air Shipments:
Name of client as per his passport
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AS AGENTS FOR ”Name of client as per his passport”

- Air freight shipments: 2 working days
- Sea freight shipments: 5 - 7 working days

The Government of Jordan have installed new Traffic Cameras at all entry points to Amman city to organize the traffic and restrict the entry of container Trailers to Amman during business hours from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, The new procedures for delivery of containers is to enter the Trailer after 10:00 pm to client residence in Amman, park the truck, offload the next day morning and release the truck next day night after 10:00 pm to avoid high penalties and fines… this process will cost additional fee for truck detention which we include in our quoted rates.

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